where we are

In the beginning of January 2021, we got together to discuss what this year and beyond might look like for FSP. Here’s where we are.


• We are investigating the intersections of space, art and activism. We believe activism & social justice work are intrinsic to creating; we prioritize this way of thinking in FSP’s work and are exploring what that looks like. 

• We feel it’s really important for us to “move at the speed of trust.”* For us, this looks like engaging more with the Philly live arts and activism communities, by going to events, building relationships, and building trust. This also looks like moving v e r y    s  l o  w  l y...

*In Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown, she cites: “This is communications strategist Mervyn Marcano’s remix of Stephen Covey’s “speed of trust” concept.”