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Collective Conversations with Future Space Philly

We are facilitating a three-part series of conversations about the live arts landscape of Philadelphia. These discussions will be for local artists to


reflect on where the scene currently is,

dream about where we're headed, and (start to)

plan out how we can shape a sustainable future together.*

Topic 1

Reflecting on the Current Philly Live Arts Landscape

- Session A:

Wednesday November 18th


- Session B:

Sunday November 22nd


Topic 2

Daydreaming about the Future of the Philly Live Arts Landscape

- Session A:

Wednesday December 2nd


- Session B:

Sunday December 6th


Topic 3

How to Make It Happen!

- Session A:

Wednesday December 9th


- Session B:

Sunday December 13th



-Each session is capped at 15 people, not to limit who can be involved, but so we can have really fruitful, engaging, personal conversations! 

-If there's more interest in the series, we will add more sessions.

-These conversations are free to attend, just make sure you sign up for a slot here.

More Info/Context:

Even though we're "facilitating" this series, we intend to cultivate a collaborative, non-hierarchical approach to these discussions, and each successive part of the series will build on what we've discussed in previous sessions!

Our purpose for facilitating this series is to hear from our colleagues in the Philly live arts scene about what is desired and needed to create sustainability in our local field, with the frame of  a new future space in mind.**

We also have an idea of compiling the information gathered during these conversations into some form that can be shared publicly... possibly spurring even further reflection, conversation, and action. We're not sure what's going to happen yet, we're really just interested in gathering, listening, and then moving from there.


*We have been massively inspired over the past year (or so) by our colleagues, friends, and mentors who have been making calls to action and creating more intentional conversations around equity and sustainability in the live arts fields! Specifically for this series, we are drawing much inspiration from Creating New Futures and The Dance Union (especially their Town Halls for Collective Action!)

**These conversations will hopefully inform us in creating a comprehensive feasibility survey. The feasibility study is integral to our process of creating this space, because we really want this space to be FOR the community. Therefore, we need input from the community to inform what the space will be. We will also potentially use information we hear during these conversations to inform grant applications and other writing/speaking about the Future Space Philly project. For this reason, let us know if you want your contributions to the conversation to remain anonymous.

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