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our current process

Current working group

Chloe Newton

Katie Vickers

Katherine Desimine

Megan Bridge

Meeting schedule

Right now we meet as a working group every 2 weeks. These bi-weekly meetings are less for brainstorming or working, and more for sharing progress on projects, asking questions that require the entire group’s input, and planning our priorities for the next 2 weeks. 


Right now we are all volunteering our time, but are actively working on starting to pay ourselves for this work.  



Macro Administrative Pal (or MAP)

• makes agenda for bi-weekly meetings

• takes notes at bi-weekly meetings

• follow up with spokes-people on action items in between bi-weekly meetings, especially if tasks have a deadline

• organizes google folders

• plan and communicate location and time of bi-weekly meetings

• at the end of each bi-weekly meeting, facilitate figuring out who’s going to be in each pod for the next 2 weeks, make sure everyone has action items for the upcoming 2 weeks



This is basically how we’ve broken up different ideas that we’re working on into smaller working groups! Who is in the pods can change, depending on who’s interested in what the pod is working on that week. Each pod has a spokes-person. The 5 pods we have right now are:

  • Governance/structure

  • Data/field survey

  • Communications

  • Fundraising

  • Outreach

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