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living manifesto


This is an ongoing writing and thinking practice. 

Last updated July 6, 2020



No separation between form and content?

Comparisons to nature? Emergent strategy

Have a spectrum of styles (different styles for different parts of the writing)

Little things change each time- words are active!!

ORDER-- circular













A space where we lean into one another, a meeting place to encourage more and other possibilities on what a community can be.”


Inspired by a collective dream, an unspoken feeling, a vibration of necessity to change the current landscape of the Philly (dance) scene 


We are more interested in valuing the process of artmaking rather than only the product.




[No matter how much we write, something is always lost]

Our manifesto does not say it all


The arc between the beginning and end...where art lives

The building is just the frame 


Philly is our, our

This is for Philly.

Philly is a priority. Philly is important.

We recognize our situation in space

We are agents of a free arts space that will fuel everyone/thing around it 

Broaden the web

Reach out, cross-generations

Always learn from each other 

Change form alongside the inevitable changes of the world

Malleable, permeable 

A growing cell (together with many parts)


How to manifest the intangibility of art

How can we capture art? (but not imprison it?) Nurture it 


A space for the world


This space is NEEDED and WANTED

This space is sustainable & sustains, and is sustainable because it sustains

The space is ALIVE always- not just when performances are happening. 

What does it mean for a space to be alive? Is it alive when movement happens, when people are there? 

Widening the circle!!

Constantly Working at diversity(?) & accessibility → accountability


Allowing for mistakes in our social action work, and our artistic work


We create spaces….. A physical space, a digital space, a performative space, a work space, a coffee space, a social space

a space that acts as a conduit of ideas, proposals, dreams, wishes, failures, laughter,  

Its not about the space

It is about the space

A space that is digital, a space that is communal ACCESSIBLE

A space that functions like a piece of art - the space is in process, revealing unlikely links to redefine 

A space that welcomes challenge

A space that bends, folds, and melts time


Opposition-- challenge

Containing multitudes, 


Recognizing the natural process of opposition in people 



Contributing to greater conversations

Imagining alternative futures

FRACTALS- we are what we want to see (emergent strategy)











Rethinking and redistributing 


Making human connection

Truly listening to what the community needs, letting go of ego

Diving into the unknown

“We support artists in establishing this independence, as well as encouraging the critical understanding of their work, while also offering enlightening exchange opportunities.”


Something is about to happen



Supporting artists- PAYING artists. 


Going beyond what we already see or know (?? questioning this)-- imagining new futures

Through the lens of? - organization, dance, roles, 

A way of redefining 

Finding the unfamiliar in the familiar 

Creating our own meanings (for and with others)

Collective, in real time, shifting



A space for a larger concept of dance 

Questioning its identity 

Criticality as a form 


(Something) is about to happen - the anticipation - 

The sublime 

Is it happening? 

What if?

Blurry...start...end….”art as a start and not an end”


The space being a arc or circle 

Somewhere in the arc, art happens 

How to get more dance to more people 

Collectively shifting meaning with and for one another, not only in real time in performance -  but as a reflection of society 


‘To view art as a start, not the end. Forms of care, shapes of living and platforms of meaning are the end. Art emerges in this arc. Art has no other life than this: to course through communities as a charged object altering our attempts at communicating meaning, one to another, one to many, many to a multitude, a multitude to one.’


Liminal space, in between space, not one thing or the other, but both and something else neither


The theater needn’t look a certain way. The theater needn’t be dark. 

The Theater needs as much light as it needs 

The theater 


Time to perform spectator - 

Teaching people what this is

Giving space for 


What is non negotiable for you? What are your every day values? What do you live by? What do you not take for granted? 

Being alone


Outside time




Wanting to connecting with others 

Avoiding displacement/discomfort

Day by day

Welcome disruption 


Prepared for the prescription of change

Agency of the audience and the artist

Radical awareness of balance 

One thing cannot does not exist without the other 


Art = Self care = resistance

(audre lorde quotes)


Recognizing and valuing different ways of experiencing art

Recognizing the socialized rules of the theater. Breaking them??


Rejecting escapism (one of our values, and we also value other things and recognizing other values)

Art not always needing to be self-reflective 

Wanting to fuck with the conventions of the theatre and contract with the audience 



Framing for/educating audiences who don’t always engage with post-modern(?)  art

How can a space reflect the current landscape? If this space were “art” what would it look like?

What are the variables we can “control”? (the building, the physicality of the space) we can never “control” the people 

Eliminate expectation of observers (but can frame the space to have a specific outcome??) 


What does an art center look like for the future? 


Asking questions about how success/celebrity lives in the art world and in our programming



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