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ongoing research questions

  • What other resources can a live arts space provide allowing the arts and community to meet? (ie. technology, education, health and wellness, governance, food, etc.)

  • Can we think of curation as caring? How can we move towards the origins of the word curation, which are in “care”? How can this reframing help us question power structures in our organization?

  • How can a live arts space serve people with different levels of experience/knowledge/interest in live arts?

  • What is the role of a live arts space in society? What can live arts do and how can a physical space move this question forward?

  • Sometimes when talking about this space we use the language of “theatre” space. We are all working on questioning the language we use to categorize spaces, disciplines, styles, and genres of art. How can we decolonize the language around the theatre space? What other possibilities are there to define a space of gathering? It matters what language we use. And not rethinking just to be new or different, but recognizing the tangible effect that language has on us.

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