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11/22/2020- Reflecting on the Current Philly Live Arts Landscape

Session 2

12/2/2020 & 12/6/2020- Daydreaming

Sessions 1 & 2

Assorted/abridged daydreams

Anonymous person 1

- making out on stage

- lots of hugging

- no to proscenium as the norm/assumed (moveable/flexible seating)

- co-working spaces

- more dance classes

- open mailboxes, so we can leave notes for each other. a way to connect with other people in the community. an exercise in trust.

- open storage (glass hallway) another exercise in trust.

- a main room-- open adjustable space

- ideally I would NOT sleep in my workspace. separate working and living spaces.

- ideal work space: people around all the time, milling, eating, working, stretching, chatting

- as audience: I crave closeness, eye contact, 3 (4?) dimensionality, post show interaction with performers/choreographers/audience members, sensual engagement

- as a performer: I want to feel seen, respected

- general desire for safety & trust

- accessibility of everything-- training city (state?) wide for the arts in how to do this. possibly funded by the city/state?

- when i walk into a performance space I see/feel: music/DJ, chairs around (moveable), rugs, its warm, theres touch.

- a space intentionally designed and cared for, like someone's room or home. COLOR!!! no to black and white!!

- how do we take care of ourselves as we transition back into "normal"?

- what part(s) or normal do we want back? we don't want to go back to everything that was/is "normal"

- constantly re-thinking & re-assessing --> anti-capitalism. flux, adaptability, time to day dream (not just when things are bad or when we desperately need change), always in motion

- socialism, mutual aid 

- HUB- a connection place. pooling/sharing resources. more connection.

Anonymous person 2

- leave behind struggle to sustain/survive 

- day dream of a universal hub w/ studios, work spaces, resources to support artists & art making. could host rehearsals, networking events, performances, etc. curious if it would be more effective/sustainable for smaller organizations and independent artists to work together to build a hub shared vs. all. trying to sustain their own spaces/resources

- ideal working conditions: co-working spaces was brought up.

- resources available for healthcare, insurance, wellness for body and mental health (I didn't bring this up but I have been thinking a lot about this lately) 

- As an audience member I daydream of: being close to performers, hearing their breath, seeing the sweat, hearing their clothes swish, feeling the energetic presence of the performers. going back post covid as an audience member may be both scary and invigorating? anxious but excited to be in a room as a collective watching other real live people performing. nervous because gathering in large groups has been forbidden 

- talked about trust and how audience contract will change post covid. feeling safe and trusting people will be big part of gathering again.

- it will feel so surreal to perform again. it's really hard to imagine as possibility but will feel very special 

- what if institutions didn't hold all the power? 

- how can the city utilize local artists and give them jobs?

- becoming more accessible- having wheelchair accessible facilities, sign language interpreter, etc.


- care

- rupture

- flux

- let go of believing in the power of institutions

12/13/2020- Make it Happen

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