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tangible work

  • engaging in day dreaming practices around possibilities for this space

  • one on one conversations with individuals in the Philadelphia live arts scene to ask if a space like this is wanted, and/or necessary for our field to thrive. (Eventually we want to do a more formal and comprehensive survey.)

  • speaking with physical spaces and arts organizations including:

    • Vooruit (Belgium)

    • Invisible Dog (NYC)

    • Fusebox (Texas)

    • Under Construction Arts (Maryland)

    • Fidget (Philly)

    • MAAS (Philly)

    • JACK (NYC)

  • researching various business and structural models, with the goal of being self-sustaining. Being in conversation with Mariposa, a food co-op in Philly 

  • being in conversation with the owners of the 9th National Bank in Kensington, pictured below

  • currently holding an event series called Collective Conversations to expand these conversations to more of our colleagues

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